There can be a lot of things to consider when pricing T shirts , I try to keep everything as simple as possible and don't have a bunch of side fee's that a lot of other screen printers have. I don't have a set up fee. I don't have different pricing if you are printing on a dark or light color shirt. 

My fee's are based off of the type of garment you choose how many you want and how many colors. That's basically it!! As a bonus, absolutely every order gets a digital mockup for your appoval to make sure everything is the way you want it.  


The Design is honestly the most important part of the entire garment. So I do my absolute best to help make your design the best it can be. If you have a picture pulled off of google images, it may look OK in a thumbnail picture. But once you try to blow it up for a shirt it can turn into a Picasso really fast. I do my best to straighten out your image for you, but that takes time. Design work is $20 an hour to get it into a 300px image suitable for printing. Usually dosen't even take an hour. So moral of the story the better quality image you start with the easier everything is.

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