Screen Printing

At H & Co., I pride myself on the quality of work I do, And the designs that I produce. Regardless if its 5 shirts of 500 for a family reunion or to promote your business, it will be something everyone will wear well after the event has ended

Sublimination Printing

Never heard of Sublimation Printing? I don't blame you, I didn't until recently either. Sublimation printing is a process of transferring ink from a liquid to gas state and is absorbed into the garment. It works very well with poleyster and man made fabrics. And also allows me to print mugs, plaques etc..  


Have you had a event or in a group where you wanted a T shirt made? I am sure you have but no one wanted to step up and be the "organizer" and go around and collect the shirt sizes and collect the money etc... Well I am here to help, I can help come up with a design and list it on this website either privately or publicly take care of all the money and print everything at the end. All you have to do is pick it up or we can ship it. We have tons of options to make it as painless as possible.