Why H & Co.?

Lets face it, its easier than ever to find a place to get a t shirt screen printed. But why have Harries & Company print your garments? Have you ever ordered a custom printed item online and held your breath until it came hoping it would be as awesome as you hoped and it wasn't.


  • Colors Were Off

  • Design is Pixalated

  • Barely Legible

  • Design You Used was Low Quality and No One Told You.

  • Online is Convenient but there are Major Downfalls.


At Harries & Company, we personally take responsibility in making every effort to make your design as EPIC as possible. With "Pantone" color matching. Your color choice will be the same as you choose and with a wide variety of technology at my disposal I can make your "ehh" image to a great image!


Also you receive a digital mockup with every design!